Non-Food Products

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Let’s Create Together: Fatty acids that offer maximum functionality.

Insight:  Intimate knowledge of palm oil equals optimal performance in your non-food product.

The versatility of palm oil is well known and documented with a myriad of uses over a wide spectrum of applications. Offering functionality in food products which allows for the elimination of trans fat, palm oil is globally used and adopted as a functional ingredient in numerous food and non-food applications.

In developing the tailored solution for your specific application, the diverse functionality of palm oil is only part of the equation. Having a partner with the knowledge and expertise to leverage palm oil functionality in your specific application is critical to the success of your product. Bunge Loders Croklaan is uniquely positioned to deliver this functionality in the most efficient manner. In foodstuffs, in candles, in personal care products, in soaps or in detergents, Bunge Loders Croklaan can tailor the most optimal solution for you.

Product Name Suggested Applications Product Description
Coconut Oil Bakery, Bakery Filling Fat, Animal Nutrition, Non-Food Products, Oleochemicals, Dairy Fat Alternatives
Crude Palm Oil Energy, Animal Nutrition, Non-Food Products, Oleochemicals
Palm Kernel Oil Energy, Non-Food Products, Oleochemicals, Bakery, Bakery Filling Fat
Palm Olein Bakery Filling Fat, Dough Fat, Donuts, Bakery, Frying, Popcorn, Potatoes, Snacks, Energy, Non-Food Products, Oleochemicals
Palm Stearin Spreads, Candles, Non-Food Products
Shea Based Products Cosmetics, Non-Food Products

Shea based products for high quality cosmetics.