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Discover palm as the alternative for paraffin!

Decreasing paraffin supplies mean candle customers are evaluating new raw materials. Bunge Loders Croklaan’s palm oils and waxes make excellent substitutes.

Exceptional blending
Palm oil is one of the best blending agents available. 

Outstanding product quality and stability
The right mix of palm helps ensure minimal shrinkage, high-quality color, exceptional aroma and optimal burn time.

Strengthen your profit margins with cost-effective palm.

Green label products
Sustainability is a top priority for many consumers. Fill this critical market niche with our certified sustainable palm oil.

An international reputation for innovation
The experts at Bunge Loders Croklaan lead advances in oil and fat development and have 328 years of lipid experience.

Exceptional supply chain management
Long-standing connections in the international commodities’ markets, plus outstanding logistics expertise, minimize costs and ensure timely deliveries.    

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Let’s create a profitable candle business together!

Learn how palm can out-perform paraffin and build your bottom line.
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Product Name Suggested Applications Product Description
Palm Stearin Spreads, Candles, Non-Food Products